A Wild Land

To the west of the estate lies the Letea forest: 2825 hectares of Biosphere Reserve, and one of the most ancient and well preserved biocoenosis in Romania. Age-old oaks, ashes, elms and lime trees, refuge for 5 species of woodpeckers, roe deers and wild boars, where various White tailed eagles have their nests, together with Booted and Lesser spotted eagles. Dry meadows are also present, with 10 species of orchids, as well as unexpected sand dunes, abandoned by the sea which once reached here, and now surrounded by flat expanses of river sediments. Very interesting are also the scattered small villages in the steppes to the south of Ultima Frontiera: people living here belong to various ethnic groups: romanian, russian-lipovan and ukranian, which have resulted in cultural and achitectural peculiarities, making unique each different community. Among these, the village of Letea stands out as arguably the most beautiful, with its vividly coloured houses, fences and gates, its traditional fishing boats and nets, and its thatched roofs, made with local reeds.