About us

Reaching Ultima Frontiera is already an adventure on its own; situated at more than 80 kilometres from the city of Tulcea and not connected by any road, you can only reach it by boat along the Danube river.

An exciting trip that will enable you to enter one of the greatest wetlands in Europe, and to discover its flooded woods, small picturesque villages and an astonishing amount of birds. An experience which, differently from the usual cruise tours, we describe as unique because it allows you to explore huge areas both in small boats and in comfortable 4×4 vehicles.

The strategic location of the property means that you are able to visit remote and untouched areas such as the Letea Forest with its old oak trees and its large expanse of dunes, the salty steppes and flooded meadows, the huge system of lakes and ponds virtually untouched, and the Musura lagoon towards the Black Sea.

This is a place where not only you can relax in perfect tranquillity, but where every visitor can explore on his own a vast area using small electric vehicles available at the lodge.

Dedicated areas for birdwatching and dragonflywatching, professional photographic hides of the latest generation, a large set of vehicles and photo and nature excursions in the best places of the Delta will make you go home with only one thought in mind… Coming back!