Insects and plants

The property hosts damselflies and dragonflies belonging to over 30 different species: particularly rare and interesting are Dark Spreadwing, River Clubtail and Black Pennant, but more common ones are stunningly abundant, especially during the days when adults emerge and start flying. Less numerous are the butterflies, with around 35 species recorded so far, among which Large Copper, Yellow-legged Tortoishell and Large Chequered Skipper. Some large moths are present, like Giant Peacock Moth and French Red Underwing, as well as large beetles like Rhinoceros Beetle and Anoxia orientalis, while the praying mantis Empusa pennicornis is a real gem.

The huge expanses of freshwaters in the delta, beside obvious species like Yellow and White water-lilies, also host a multitude of other interesting aquatic plants: from Floating fern, to the Arrowhead, to the extremely delicate yellow flowers of the Greater bladderwort, a carnivore plant. May is the best month in order to appreciate all the extraordinary bloomings of Marsh orchid which paint in fuchsia the wet meadows, as well as for visiting the Letea forest, a veritable flowering garden with 10 orchid species, the splendid Hungarian iris and interesting species like Silk vine.