Photo Hides

A wide range of photo hides of the latest generation give nature photographers a chance to test themselves with a multitude of different subjects, and perspectives being everytime in a new habitat and setting; form floating hides at water level, to drinking hides for woodpeckers and the dune-hide for white tailed eagles. Wide windows with very high-quality glasses and soundproof walls allow to observe the wildlife in an innovative way, reducing the disturbance to a minimum and ensuring the best naturalness in the animals‘ behaviour. Additionally, there are excursions on off road vehicles, to explore the surrounding steppes and the Letea forest, a Biosphere Reserve, as well as boat rides on an innovative boat-hide for visiting the big lakes in the heart of the delta.

The photo opportunities you can find in Ultima Frontiera are endless: each hide is focused on some target species, but the area is so exceptional that surprises arrive on a daily basis. A wildcat may appear on the edge of a drinking spot, black or grey headed woodpeckers may choose to drum on the trees where white tailed eagles usually perch, or the whiskered face of an otter may emerge close to pigmy cormorants and Ferruginous ducks in front of a waterside hide. The large mirrored windows will ensure you don’t miss any action, and allow you to capture inventive flying shots of even the most wary of the raptors.