Amphibians & Reptiles

Amphibians provide an unforgettable night time sound track during your stay at Ultima Frontiera: thousands of Marsh Frogs, Fire-bellied Toads and Oriental Tree Frogs seemingly never lose their will to challenge one another in loud races. More discreet are Common Toad and Green Toad, pretty rare, and, moreover, the two newt species: Smooth and Danube Crested Newts. The cool summer nights hide the movements of the most searched for amphibian of the area, the Common Spadefoot: its underwater song is almost impossible to hear, but it’s not rare to find solitary individuals exploring the hotel garden, while the big tadpoles are regularly eaten by Squacco Herons.

One of the most common preys of egrets, ibis and storks are snakes: the two more common species being Dice Snake and Grass Snake. The latter has often a peculiar colour pattern, with longitudinal stripes or melanic forms, with some individuals entirely black and without the typical collar. Regularly seen are also the native European Pond Turtles, with individuals crossing the trails or sunbathing in front of the hides. Much rarer are Smooth Snake and Sand Lizard, while two very interesting species have been recorded in the nearby Letea forest, Meadow Viper and Steppe-runner.